Consciousness and the Logic of Authentic Development in Bernard Lonergan

Humphrey Uchenna Ani


The search for solutions to national problems in Nigeria draws one’s attention to the reflections of Bernard Lonergan. In his methodology of understanding, he believes that consciousness is the basis of insight and that quality of insight shapes the human personality, society and history. He argues that the development of human consciousness, as it transcends and matures from simple awareness to optimal comprehension, follows “transcendental precepts.” These precepts are the fulcra for the formation of consciousness and conscience, and are guided by the “law of emergent probability”, which holds that one cannot correctly move from one state of consciousness to a higher level without satisfying the previous demands of the earlier state of consciousness. This article will explore these intellectual insights of Lonergan, and offer them as options for the formation of citizens who can engage positively in re-building Nigeria.

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