Re-Discovering the Youth Potentials My NYSC Experiences in Benue State & Encounters with Youth of N.

Hilary Nanman Dachelem, CMF


This article is a simple reflection that is based on concrete, not theoretical discussion on the youth. It draws from two principal backgrounds, namely, my experience as a young Corps member in Benue State and presently, my involvement with the Youth in the Catholic Diocese of Bauchi as a Shepherd. The paper is broadly divided into five parts: part one considers the history and effects of the civil war in inspiring the establishment of NYSC and also subsequent developmental problems. The second part examines the objectives and philosophy of the scheme. The third section spells out the pedagogy or way of implementing the said objectives via structured groups. The fourth part outlines the challenges facing the young people undergoing the NYSC programme and the Nigerian youth in general. The final part concludes the essay with pastoral recommendations in the light of responsible citizenship, quality leadership and good followership

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