The Choice of a Credible Political Leader: A Critical Reflection

Cletus Umezinwa


There is always a part that is superior to other parts in anything that is composed of parts. This superior part is the dominant part. It is the part that makes other parts to cohere with each other; it brings efficiency and effectiveness to the individual parts, and harmony and concord to the whole. Without the dominant part, the other constituent parts and the whole will be bereft of the defining features of a robust entity. The dominant part itself, however, must be dynamic, active and functional in order to be effective instrument in the concatenation of the other parts. The political community is a composed entity consisting of individual human beings. It ought to have effective leaders, or else the entire political edifice will crumble and crash. There is need, therefore to be extra careful and vigilant to ensure that leaders that emerge after an election are, indeed, the choice of the electorate, that is, credible leaders that they believe would lead them to political paradise. Nigeria should strengthen her political structures and institutions that only such leaders would always emerge victorious at any election. Key words: Dominance, Political Paradise, Composed, Leaders, Election

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