BOOK REVIEW: Beat A Priest? Abomination!!! (A Personal Reflection)

Onyekachukwu J. Amaegwu


First of all, the title of this book is, strictly speaking, the people’s title because it was the statement that the Christian onlookers spontaneously made as they watched their priests being mercilessly assaulted by a group of Nigerian army during the Holy Week of 2012. This incident was narrated by the author in the introduction of his book. It was not only the beating of the priests that was abominable, but also the fact that the ugly incident took place within the Holy week when these priests were at the heat of the celebrations of the holiest season of the year in the whole of Christendom. For almost a week, the priests were held by the Nigerian army for what they claimed to be explosives that the priests carried. But in actual fact, they were festive fireworks that were sold everywhere in the open market. The terrible incident shows the extent of moral decay of this country called Nigeria. That Nigerian soldiers were not able to decipher between prohibited explosives and festive fireworks is disgusting, appalling and also despicable. This act reveals and depicts the miserable and unfortunate situation this country Nigeria has been plunged into.

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