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This maiden issue of International Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs covers a collection of thoughts that inspires and bears hand in shaping the society and environment.

Chyrsanthus Nnemeka Ogbozo traces the path of finding a middle-course between private and public languages.

Francis O. C. Njoku argues that a better appreciation of communication from a philosophical perspective impacts positively in understanding the world of conflict/conflict resolution; hence, in the horizons of communication and conflict resolution the philosopher is an under-labourer who assumes a clarifying role.

Izu Marcel Onyeocha argues that those who portray Africa in the negative has gotten their logic badly wrong; hence he takes time to insist that the African has a consistent worldview in his understanding of God, humans and the universe.

Denis Osuagwu and Damine Ejigiri investigate how a political culture of corruption undermines democracy and human well-being in Nigeria.

Cletus Obasi argues that Western democracy as adopted in Nigeria breeds conflict; thus, he attempts a study of the conflictual democratic process in Nigeria with a view to finding solutions.

Emeka George Ekwuru thinks that the Western characterisation of man as rational is an ideology that excludes the Africa; hence, a platform for perpetuating the thesis of ethnic superiority.

C. D. Okereke asserts that philosophy and technology share borders in the quest for environmental sustainability because good theoretical basis can yield practical and valuable ways for coping with the challenges environment posits.

JohnSmart Ezenwankwor examines the concept of Spirit in African metaphysics, arguing the concept of spirit takes precedence over the concept of matter in the African universe of meaning.

Discussion: Emeka George Ekwuru’s accusation that the Western characterisation of man as rational excludes the African has not been well-received by some; hence, C. Ogbozo and F. O. C. Njoku take issues with his arguments.


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